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Have some fics!

Holy crap, I actually have something to post here! *glee* As it happens, I've claimed She-Ra (general series) over at fanfic100, so I'll hopefully have stuff to post here for a while to come, provided I don't psych myself out. Anyway, on to the stuff y'all really want to see--the fic!

Title: Too Much
Word Count: 182
Prompt: #33 Too Much
Rating: G
Summary: There's subtle and then there's She-Ra. In the middle of a war, a queen takes her amusements where she can find them.

Click here to read it on my journal.

Title: From the Shadows
Word Count: 203
Prompt: #74 Dark
Rating: G
Summary: Bow isn't the Rebellion's best archer because he's so good with a harp, but because he's lethal with a bow and arrow.

Click here to read it on my journal.

The table is here, and there's two more fics on the "she-ra" tag in my journal that I haven't posted here. One is an Adora/Glimmer drabble and the other is a more general-focused thing. They were written as gift fics and I try not to post those to comms, but everything I write is on my journal. That's all for now!
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