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New He-Man and She-Ra vids.

Edit: First link is now fixed.

These are kind of Adam and Teela centered, but Adora/She-ra is in them, so hope they're okay to post here!

Title : An Ageless Trust
Music : The song is "Sacrament of Wilderness" by Nightwish.
Fandom : He-Man and She-Ra
Summary : Teela wants to learn about her mother and feels the void of the things that are kept hidden from her, especially when she's around the royal family.
Links : Megavideo|
Notes: I only have a megavideo link on this one; Youtube has once again blocked it. Download links are available on request.

Title : In A Dark World
Music : The song is "Believing" by The Calling
Fandom : He-Man and She-Ra
Summary : Sometimes, Adam's double life is a lonely burden. Meeting his sister makes him feel less alone, but he still has doubts, especially because there are secrets he must keep from Teela.
Links : Megavideo| Youtube
Notes: Download available on request.

I also have updated links for my previous vid Champions of Light. Link goes to my LJ. You can view info on the vid there.
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