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Oh god I'm sorry...

LOL. No one posts to this community. xD I feel bad for spamming it.

But I wanted to show off a picture that may get twiggets thrown at me - but I don't care. For over twenty years this sort of thing has been hanging around in the back of my head and I needed to draw it. The song Skalds and Shadows by Blind Guardian spurred this on.

These lyrics to be exact:

do not fear my reason
there's nothing to hide
how bitter your treason
how bitter the lie
remember the Runes and remember the light
all I ever want is to be at your side..

Title: ... go away.
Medium: Ink (color will come later)
Characters: Hordak/Mantenna
Rating: G
Warnings: Mild Mild Mild Slash. Hell one-sided slash. It shouldn't blind you.

I so tempted to write fic. Fic that should not be!!
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